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sensors-actuators-summer18.pdf Course outline: Introduction to
sensors and actuators, 4400:469 (undergraduate) and
4400:598 (graduate), Summer 2018

Lecture Videos

These will be listed here each week (see outline) and will be available for download

They will also be available on Dropbox (you will receive an invitation when files
are available)

The following are specification sheets used in this course
Feel free to download any of them. Additional spec sheets may be used - these are
available online.

Specification sheets

Power point files - PPT format
Power point files of the lectures will be made available on
KMZ51.PDF - magnetostrictive sensor (Phillips)

TL173C.PDF - Hall element sensor data sheet

ATS610LSA.PDF - dual Hall element sensor data sheet

FLAT-MOTOR.PDF - flat motor data sheet

MOTOR-DRIVER - motor driver chip data sheet

LM35.PDF - temperature sensor data sheet

THERMISTOR-DATA.PDF - thermistors data sheet

LM741.PDF - op-amp data sheet
TLC27L2C.PDF - op-amp data sheet

TDA2040.PDF - power amplifier data sheet

Course Project: Will be discussed later