The University of Akron

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



4400:354-301 Electromagnetics II                                       Dr. N. Ida

Summer 2018              LH 311*                                             Room ASEC-S252

                                    Time 8:00 - 9:35 AM*                        TEL: 330-972-6525

                                    Mo,Tu,We                                           e-mail:

                                                                                                Skype: nathanida

*See: Method of delivery.

Note: The course will be entirely on line except for the exams, which will be in class. The room assigned and times shown are for exams only.


TEXT:            Engineering Electromagnetics, 3rd Edition, 2015, N. Ida, Springer Verlag

Period:           June 11 to August 5, 2018.S

Office Hours: See method of delivery.


Course Outline: We will follow the notes rather closely. The material covered includes chapters 10 (review), 11, 12, 13, 14, 15. The topics are:


Chapter 10: Faraday's Law (review)

Chapter 11: Maxwell’s equations.

Chapter 12: Electromagnetic waves and propagation

Chapter 13: Reflection and transmission of plane waves

Chapter 14: Theory of transmission lines

Chapter 15: The Smith chart, impedance matching and transmission line circuits



Grading:                    1st Exam                     20%     (Wednesday, June 27)

                                    2nd Exam                    20%     (Wednesday, July 11)

                                    3rd Exam                     20%     (Wednesday, July 25)

                                    Homework                  5%

                                    Final Exam                  35%     (optional, see below,  Wednesday August 1)


Note: after the third exam, which will be given on or around the last week of the Semester, your initial grade will be computed using the following weights:


                                    1st Exam                     30%

                                    2nd Exam                    35%

                                    3rd Exam                     30%

                                    Homework                  5%


The initial grade will be communicated to you by e-mail. You then have the option of taking the final exam. There is no need to tell me what you want to do. If you take the final exam, I will re-compute the grade according to the first weights above. If not, your initial grade becomes your grade for the Semester. This option is designed so that students that do very well in term exams do not need to take the final whereas those that did not do well can still improve their grades. The final is comprehensive and will be given at the scheduled time.


Homework:    Will be assigned Mondays, to be submitted on the following Monday unless Monday is a holiday. If that is the case, the homework will be due the following day. Homework will be corrected, graded and returned the following Monday (see below). Please note: this is a summer class and each week of classes is roughly equivalent to two weeks of regular semester classes. The homework will also be equivalent to two homeworks. You will have a week to do the homework. Because of the extent of the homework and the short period of the summer class the submission dates are firm.


Supporting material: Additional material will be made available on the website:

            Sample exams from previous years (with solutions)

            Summaries to Chapters 10 through 18

            A MATLAB suite of programs that demonstrates some of the principles discussed.


Method of delivery and other details

During Summer 2018, the course will be web-based. This means the following:


Finally, I very strongly recommend that you schedule the viewing of the lectures and your work on homework so that you complete everything on time. The class is intense and the time short. If you fall behind it is difficult to catch up. For this reason alone, I will not accept late homework. The student assistant will be instructed to this effect. Please remember, we will have an exam every two weeks and the only way to prepare is by working continuously and steadily.

I am aware that there are many resources on line that you can use. However, I caution you against using solution manuals. For one, there are many errors in them but, more importantly, copying a solution or “reading” a solution, does not prepare you for the exams. Working through the assigned problems, asking questions and reviewing material needed to solve the problems leads to understanding and eventual success.